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Shawnee State Park


My two daughters,one month old granddaughter and I took the chance of driving 3 hours to an unreserved Pennsylvania state park rental house on an island in the middle of a lake. The chance paid off- we got in!
It’s a beautiful house over looking the Shawnee Lake. It has three floors. The first floor has a cute little sitting area with curved stick constructed dining table. This is the only room that faces the lake!
There is also a bedroom with a double bed and two single beds.
The house is turned to face the apple trees and chipmunks not the lake! Weird. Maybe the house was here before the lake?
The second floor has the kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom.
Up a winding narrow staircase to the third floor are two more bedrooms. And three more single beds.
Lerin (age 32) was going to sleep on the first floor but after reading the guest book with all the ghost comments she got too scared to sleep alone so she slept upstairs on the third floor with baby Juni and Dori. I however slept alone on the second floor where the Milkmaid ghost supposedly drinks milk left out for her. We didn’t test the story because we didn’t have milk to spare.
The house was well stocked with dishes, pots and pans, coffee machine, toaster and microwave. We brought stuff because the website said there was nothing here, but they were wrong. Only thing we really needed to bring was towels and bed stuff.
My bed is rock hard. I don’t know about the others because they are still sleeping.
We went for a nice little 1.5 mile hike on the Shawnee trail loop. It started raining pretty hard we hurried back and spent a long time on the porch in lovely rockers facing the lake sipping hot chocolate. Dori made us ravioli and aguli salad. When the sun went down it got too cold so we moved the party inside and read our books the rest of the night. Baby Juni just stared at her One fish, 2 fish book.

I’m reading “My dream of you” by Nuala O’Faolain it takes place in Ireland. I learned my name in Gaelic is Caitlin.imageIMG_0481.JPG

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Some photos of the inside of the house.